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Siemens fibre le Koweït en FTTH en Gpon
« le: 22 mai 2007 à 10:04:01 »
Siemens fibre le Koweït en FTTH en Gpon (Gigabit passive Optical network) avec un "arbre" de 2,5 Gb/s

Ceux qui veulent lire en Allemand l'article original :

Une traduction en Anglais :

Here is the entire article translated from German to English. Even after translation the article is still a little jumbled ,but I think you will pretty much understand what the writer is trying to relate.

Siemens-Fiber To Home-for 40 million in Kuweit

Today Siemens Communications communicated in Munich that they received a 40-Million-Order "Fiber to the Home" (FTTH) from the national Ministry for communication in Kuwait. From this Siemens Communications is to be assigned the complete re-equipment of an entrance net for telecommunications in six cities, whereby instead of copper cables, glass fiber is to be used. With the publication in Munich it was called further: Siemens Communications will attach all participants with this order instead of over copper lines directly over glass fiber to the telecommunications net. The technology, which is used in this project, offers a range of up to 2.5 Gigabit per second, which is put to the households over a passive optical distributor structure at the disposal on in each case an optical fiber. This means that the users can receive new applications and services as for example tripolarize to Play (speaking, data and video transmission combined).

The GPON technology used in Kuwait (Gigabit passive Optical network) is led as close ones as possible housing developments, building complexes or trade areas past, so that an individual fiber can be divided in each case over passive fragments and be put star shaped into each building. There the connection at a net conclusion ends. The interfaces become then for Ethernet and/or. Telephone equipped its. In Kuwait it meant of the Projektmanagerin Hind aluminium-Aswad: "In the communication Ministry (MOC) we are us over the fact in the clear one that the introduction of FTTH (fiber ton the Home) is in Kuwait a large challenge". The work is put on one duration by three years; the first users should be tied up in the spring 2006 over the glass fiber net. GPON is a technology on basis of passive optical nets (PON), which is characterised by data transmission rates of 2,5 Gbit/s. GPON works with a generic encapsulation (IN ACCORDANCE WITH) with the Ethernet Frames and data in time multiplex (TDM) over a GPON connection to be transferred can.

Contrary to BPON data rates within the Gigabit range could be realized with GPON in both directions. Thus the International Telecommunication Union recommendation defines G.984 for the Downlink data transmission rates of 1,25 Gbit/s and 2.5 Gbit/s. The Uplink is supported with speeds of 125 and 622 Mbit/s as well as with 1,25 and 2,5 Gbit/s.

For the transmission of video the International Telecommunication Union defined separate wavelengths. Since however video signals will transfer also by means of IP minutes over GPON can, it is conceivable, which remains unused the separate wavelengths.

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