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UDP Socket Buffer Size Meaning
« le: 27 décembre 2017 à 12:12:35 »
Hello guys,
Here is my question. I am using Iperf3 both on a computer running win10 (client side) and in an Android device (server side).
The computer is connected to a router and the Android device is connected to the wifi network of that router. (See picture attached)

When I setup an UDP Iperf connection between two ends, configuring the parameter -w (this parameter means from Iperf3 manual: "Sets the socket buffer sizes to the specified value. For TCP, this sets the TCP window size. (this gets sent to the server and used on that side too)")

[My questions]: Is this Socket Buffer Size the buffer size of the sender? Or is it the buffer size of the receiving side? or both?

If there is an already existing post on this matter, please just redirectme to it.

Thank you very much in advance.